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“You are Badass” Book Review

I recently finished reading this book. I rarely read motivational books, but because at that time I needed motivation for myself so I have chosen this book.

Through this book, in essence, Jen Sincero invites us to have the courage to make decisions and dare to leave our comfort zone. In addition, he also explained how important it is to love yourself. If we have realized how important self-love is, then we no longer need validation or recognition from outside ourselves that we are valuable people.

In Chapter 11, Your Brain is Your Bitch, Jen Sincero explains that the power of the mind can help us realize dreams. If we think about good things, then the universe will help us make them happen. He advises us to project good things. Suppose we want to visit New Zealand, imagine we are there.

“Our thoughts are the most powerful tool we’ve got,” he said.

Another thing he also explained was gratitude or gratitude which is an important element in living life. If we are grateful for every thing, then the positive impact will also return to us. Being grateful is one of the things that shows self love.

“Gratitude connects you to the truth that you not only have the power to manifest that which you seek, but you are the power. Which means, in essence, when you are being grateful to Source Energy you are being grateful to yourself. Which brings it back to the most powerful thing of all: Self-love. “

Through this book, Jen sincero also invites us to escape all fear to start something new. According to him, letting go of fear is one way to get freedom.

He gave an example when he went to India. At that time he did not know what kind of India he was and what he would meet there. It was his first trip abroad but then finally he realized that the trip to India was one of the experiences he will never forget in his lifetime.

“That the majority of the pain and suffering in our lives is caused by the unnecessary drama that we create.”

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