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Witnessing an Indian Bridal Wedding (Kuala Lumpur-Singapore Trip Part 4)

Indian bride

Before leaving for Kuala Lumpur in May 2015, I had absolutely no idea what tourist attractions must be visited other than KLCC which is famous for its Petronas twin towers. Just after arriving at the hotel, Indri and I, Googling what tourist attractions we should visit the next day.

Our first destination is Batu Caves in Gombak, Selangor. Entering this area, we are greeted with typical Indian knick-knacks. Given that Batu Caves is a place of prayer for Hindus.

Waiting for the MRT to Gombak Station, Batu Caves


Before entering the main area, which stands majestically and towers a golden statue of Lord Murugan (source: Wikipedia), near the entrance, stands a green Hanuman statue. Nearby, is a clean and majestic Hindu shrine.


The giant Hanuman

Mejeng on the temple terrace

So it was in this temple that the Indian bride got married

We went upstairs. At that time, many women, adolescents and children wore saris. Apparently there will be a wedding party inside the temple. I, who are very interested in Indian culture, don’t want to be left behind. I watched firsthand the Indian bridal wedding procession. Even though I’m just a tourist, I try to push my way through the crowd of invited guests.

Every time a Hindu enters this temple, they pray first in front of this Ganesha statue.

Traditional music player. Either they are just accompanying the bride and groom or are here every day. I don’t know.

Inside the temple

Ooh, it turns out to be the same as the wedding scenes in Indian movies that I often watch. There is a procession around the fire and the clothes of the bride and groom tied. The wedding ceremony was also accompanied by traditional music that was immediately played near the wedding ceremony. Fun and memorable.

The bridal motorcade enters the temple

Guests or maybe the family of the bride and groom

New bride

After the wedding ceremony was over, Indri and I entered the main area. An area filled with street vendors but well organized. The dominant traders sell Indian dishes and specialties. Included are also scattered sellers of sweets (sweet). Initially I wanted to try but after a while I didn’t feel like it. Hehehe.

One of my annoying experiences was when I approached one of the stalls but was instead told to go with the merchant. Speaking in Indian. The point is, you can’t go near their kiosk if you’re not shopping. Hadeeuh.

The funny experience was that when I was going out, I offered a souvenir to an old Indian merchant. Our interaction only uses sign language because he doesn’t speak Malay or English. He only spoke in Indian. When I bid, he used sign language back by placing his palm on his neck. The point is he can’t give me the price according to my offer because if he does, his boss can cut him. Ha ha ha. Hilarious.

That’s the fun of traveling. Can find unexpected things.

After the wedding (uninvited guests wkwkwk)

Me and Mbak Indri. She is my traveling companion.
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