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This picture was captured by me on my 29th B’day. These flowers are at the terrace of Mataram Mayor’s formal house

Pretty much better to be a weed instead of those kinda expensive flowers.

To me, nothing is more languid than a flower planted in pots. Living in a world so narrow. A high price is paid only in the universe of a small pot hole diameter.

I prefer the weeds that live in a large area of ​​land, in the fields, in the forest .. It doesn’t belong to anyone. Unlimited. Life is full of scorching heat. Also heavy rain. Although occasionally he feels pain due to sudden rain, it doesn’t necessarily turn him off. It is precisely then that it will be greener, grow and grow, vine wherever it pleases.

Very few humans are aware of its presence. He is often neglected but he still lives. But there are times when humans realize that grass has hidden flowers and when it does, the flowers are a surprise. Then people will realize that she is beautiful, more than just an expensive flower in a pot.


April-May 2016

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