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Visiting the Kelapa Gading LRT project

Jakarta will soon have LRT (Light Rail Transit) transportation services. LRT is a train whose track is built on the highway. One of them is to unravel the incomplete road congestion in Jakarta.

I once rode the LRT while in Kuala Lumpur 2015. LRT carriages are not as long as KRL or MRT.

On January 25, 2018, I had the opportunity to visit as well as cover the LRT depot in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. At that time, the Jakarta LRT Project Director, Allan Tandiono, explained the progress of the LRT construction project including when the train cars will arrive in Jakarta. These carriages were ordered directly from South Korea.

The work on this project is accelerated to catch up with the implementation of the Asian Games in August 2018. LRT will be a means of transportation for athletes and the official Asian Games.

It is planned that the LRT will start operating on August 13 (soft operation), five days before the opening of the Asian Games which is scheduled for August 18.

He exclaimed from the LRT coverage, journalists were invited to see first hand the process of installing the project tracks. Before entering the project site, we have to use complete tools for safety and security.

With the beautiful Dinda (Jawa Pos journalist)

We have to wear vests, helmets and boots. For those who do not wear complete equipment, it is prohibited to enter the project site. Suddenly we looked like a project foreman. LOL.

We went up to the rail installation location. The location is quite high and we have to climb an iron staircase with only gauze covered the barrier. Tense.

This is the iron ladder.

There I tried to fight my fear of heights. Hu Hu Hu. Alhamdulillah it worked. Up and down safely. Ha ha

Above, after seeing the workers installing rails, don’t forget to take the process until the cellphone memory is full. It was one of my exciting reporting experiences.

Hopefully the project will be completed on target soon. When the LRT operates, Jakarta residents will have more public transportation options. Thus reducing the use of private vehicles and will have an impact on reducing the level of congestion in the Capital City. I hope so and so does everyone.

Lagak foreman. Hahaha
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