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The Disappearing Coverage of Setya Novanto

Setya Novanto’s house at Jalan Wijaya Number 19, South Jakarta

In mid-November 2017, the public in Indonesia was shocked by the disappearance of Setya Novanto when his home was ransacked by KPK investigators. At that time, Setya Novanto’s status was still a suspect in the e-KTP corruption case.

News of Setya Novanto’s disappearance became the headline for media coverage. When there was information about the search at the house of the former chairman of the DPR on Jalan Wijaya Number 19, South Jakarta, I was not assigned there.

It wasn’t until the next day that I got the job of monitoring Setnov’s house. I also got a message from my coverage coordinator so that in the morning I must be at the location.

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, I left home around 06.00. Take the train from Citayam Station and get off at Tanjung Barat Station. From Tanjung Barat, I took a Gojek to arrive at Jalan Wijaya Number 19. The distance is quite far.

I arrived at Setnov’s house around 07.30 WIB. There are already several reporters there. The cars of several television stations were also parked in front of the mansion. I began to monitor the surroundings after Setnov’s house was ransacked by KPK investigators and he disappeared somewhere.

Not long after, the Secretary General of the Golkar Party, Idrus Marham, who is currently the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs, arrived. Before Idrus entered the house, we had an interview regarding his arrival and whether he knew where Setnov was.

Setnov’s house had a high fence and the gates were only opened when guests arrived. The guard was quite tight. Reporters are waiting in front of their house on the side of the main road. Fortunately there is a place like a bus stop in front of his house with a canopy. When it rains during the day, we take shelter there.

The house looks to the front. Hurry to take a photo before the gate is closed by the security guard.

Apart from Idrus Marham, at that time only Setnov’s lawyer, Fredrich Yunadi (now a former lawyer and being processed by the KPK), was seen. At that time, Fredrich admitted that he did not know where Setnov was. He also said that his client was on state duty, but he did not know where. LOL

From day to night, more and more reporters came. Every car that comes, we investigate who the hell is in that car. We hoped that Setnov would suddenly come home or it would turn out to be him in the car. Ha ha

In the evening, information suddenly circulated among journalists that Setnov would perform a live on Metro TV and then surrender to the KPK. No warning, not long after this information, another news circulated that Setnov had a car accident on his way to Metro TV in Kedoya, West Jakarta. I felt like I was following a cheap drama that was finally predictable. The reporters were excited.

Shortly after the news of the accident circulated, three Alphard cars were seen leaving the house. And in the car was Setnov’s wife, Deisti Astriani Tagor. There were also journalists who immediately shifted to the accident site and to Permata Hijau Hospital where Setnov was being treated.

There is excitement and tension at that time. I was at Setya Novanto’s house until around 21.30. After nothing happened, I went home to the coordinator of my coverage while following the drama of the former Golkar Chairperson. And the next day I was assigned to the Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya to see the condition of the car that Setnov was in after the accident.

At that time, I was caught on the tip of the camera during the Idrus interview, and my mother was excited at home. It’s unusual to see her son enter Tipi. Hahaha

That night, this creased face was also highlighted by Metro TV cameras and my aunt watched me at home. Wkwwkwwk

It was one of the exciting experiences of my coverage. Hehe

Eit has appeared here too .. Wow

Oh yes, I was also assigned to cover the Jatinegara Premiere Hospital when Setnov was treated there (Thursday, September 28, 2017). At that time, the excitement of his viral photo while being treated. At that time I visited, I didn’t get any news at all because the source I was waiting for didn’t show up. It was reported that Nurdin Halid would visit Setnov, but it was canceled. From day to night there, I got nothing, finally I was told to go home with my editor. Shy zonk journalists. Ha ha ha

In the end dirompioranyein too.

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