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The Cat in the Hat

This book accompanies my trip to the office a few days ago. After reading in one sitting, it only took less than 30 minutes to finish.

This book is hilarious. Moreover, accompanied by color images.

Two brothers were alone in their house when it rained. Their mother went to the market. They cannot play outside the house and can only stare out of the house from the window.

They are bored.

Then came a cute cat who was good at acrobatics.

Like a circus performer, this cat wearing a tall red and white hat displays his acrobatic abilities. The ornamental fish who lives in the house is annoyed by the presence of the cat because it only makes the house a mess.

But the two brothers enjoyed playing the cat.

The cat also invited a group of friends to enliven the house. They play kites in the house.

The whole house was in a mess.

Mother who was at the market soon came home. Very messy house. The fish is annoyed. The two siblings are confused about how to rearrange the messy house so that it doesn’t get scolded by the mother.

The fish certainly couldn’t help. The cat comes home after making a mess of the house.

What is the solution? Are these two children being scolded by their mother?

Just read the book. Hehehehe

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