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Strolling around Bogor Presidential Palace

Antelope in Presidential Palace

Weather in Bogor is always unpredictable but mostly everyday is rain. At the day I traveled to that ‘rain city’, heavy rain was falling down.

Bogor is located in the south of Jakarta and I have been dreaming that city since years ago. Especially, I did want to visit Bogor Botanical Garden. It was on my bucketlist but now is checked.

I went to Bogor in last September, 2017. Yasss, I was on my solo traveling and food was the main reason.

I got train from Citayam Station and took around 15 minutes to Bogor Train Station and I paid only Rp. 3,000. Very cheap, right? That’s why I love using mass transportation. It must be affordable.

From Bogor Train Station, I had lunch with Soto Mie Bogor in a street food stall near the station. I bet you, it was the most delicious soto mie I ever taste, insanely good. But sorry I forget the price exactly, but I think around Rp. 15.000. After that, I munched Rujak Bebeg, it was sort of mashed spicy tropical fruits salad. That’s my favorite.

Soto Mie Bogor. For asinan’s photo, it can be seen in my Instagram account @akuyanet. Ha ha ha

Guided by GoogleMaps, I walked to the Bogor Presidential Palace and saw the antelops in the yard. Many visitors come to this palace just to see the antelops and feed them with carrots. I also met few carrot sellers around the street in front of the palace.


Bogor is well known for its signature food, asinan Bogor or salted fruits and vegetables. It is a must try when you visit this city. We could find asinan sellers around the station easily. But i chose to try asinan in a stall near the Bogor Botanical Garden. They said this stall is the original one who serve asinan. I had fruits asinan and the taste was so gooooood. It was very spicy but refreshing.

From Presidential Palace, I walked to the asinan stall. It took around 15 minutes. Thanks to GoogleMaps for guiding me. It’s very helpful.

Then I strolled to the last destination, Bogor Botanical Garden. I arrived at that place around 4 pm. So I had very little time to strolling around. We must pay IDR 15,000 for the entrance ticket. After sightseeing around an hour and got stranger for a help to take my photograph, rain fell down.

I didn’t take many photos in Bogor Botanical Palace due to low battery


The visitors and me tried to escape and find a shelter. I met a couple and they offered me a shared umbrella. I and the girl were walking to the exit gate under a shared umbrella to get an ‘angkot’ or public minibus in the street. The angkot took us to the station and we only paid Rp. 4,000.

I love the ambience also the foods. Bogor is a must visit.

Such a memorable moment. Solo traveling is fun. Let’s do it oftenly.

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