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Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Work Exhibition

In mid-April 2018, an exhibition of the works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer was held. The exhibition took place at the Rich Indonesia Gallery, West Mall Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. The exhibition at the Kaya Indonesia Gallery is only the beginning and as an opening, a more complete exhibition will take place at the Dia.Lo.Gue cafe and gallery, Kemang, South Jakarta, which lasts until May 20, 2018. It’s a shame that I wrote, I haven’t been there yet.

Exhibition at the Rich Indonesia Gallery with the theme The Solitude; Pram and the Art of Writing Gallery Indonesia Kaya only contains a kind of list or bibliography of Pramoedya’s works from the very beginning of his writing career. There are some kind of posters affixed with the title of the book, the year it was published, and a short synopsis of the book.

Before the exhibition opened, the committee held a discussion which was attended by Najwa Shihab, Happy Salma, Jajang C Noor, Slamet Raharjo, and their son Pramoedya, Astuti. Unfortunately at that time I arrived late so I couldn’t participate in the discussion. Finally, because this was my reporting assignment, I briefly interviewed Mrs. Astuti, Happy Salma, Jajang C Noor, and Slamet Raharjo.

Ms. Astuti

Jajang C Noor and visitors

Slamet Raharjo

This exhibition is to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the author who was born in Blora, Central Java. Pram died on April 30, 2006 and was buried in Bivouac Rubber Cemetery. I also planned to go to his grave but it’s not over yet.

Pram is a must-read writer. I myself have just read a book by her which tells about Indonesian women during the Japanese colonial era. But his books especially Buru Island Tetralogy are in my wishlist. I remember a friend said, delaying reading Pramoedya’s work is a sin. Good. Anyway, Happy National Book Day 2018!


The results of my coverage of this exhibition can be read at here.


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