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Poetry Reading Project # 1

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Recently, I am fond of collecting poetry books. My next joke related to it is to read it out, then record it. But please understand, I only record it manually with the recorder on my cellphone. Then on another device I played the back sound myself. The resulting sound is not that clear …

But this is one of the ways I entertain myself in the midst of fatigue, in my spare time between jobs that consume enough energy and mind.

The poetry that I read then I upload it on my account Soundcloudku .. 🙂 Let’s follow …;)

Some of the poems I read I took from books, some from the internet, also from the author’s Tumblr and Medium accounts (Aan Mansyur and Faisal Oddang). There is also a poem I wrote for someone who has a beautiful name. A man who has a pair of names of gods. 🙂

1. Poetry for Batara Indra

2. Letter From Sauh Jatuh by Faisal Oddang

3. Not Loving You by Zarry Hendrik

4. Hopefully Not You Are Again by Zarry Hendrik

5. Three Little Poems by Sapardi Djoko Damono

6. Noting Mother for a Father by M Aan Mansyur

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