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Passenger Queues Snaked at the HI Roundabout MRT Station

The enthusiasm of the citizens of Jakarta to try a new mode of transportation, the Mass Rapid Transit or the MRT is quite high. Even though the trial period and free tickets ended, residents were still enthusiastic about trying to take the MRT from the HI Roundabout Station to Lebak Bulus Station or vice versa.

On the Isra ‘Mi’raj holiday, Wednesday (3/4/2019), the queue of passengers at the HI Roundabout Station is quite long, especially for residents who want to buy single trip tickets. The queue stretched from the entrance to the ticket booth since the morning.

The conditions inside the station were creeping up too tightly. Even passengers who were about to enter to tap in tickets were prevented first because there were also many passengers who wanted to leave.

Some of the entrances are also closed so that it is not too crowded inside. I met one of the passengers who canceled returning to Lebak Bulus because he couldn’t stand in line to buy his ticket. Finally, the mother decided to ride GrabCar.

In an interview with me, the Corporate Secretary Division Head of MRT Jakarta, Muhammad Kamaluddin, predicted that passengers on the Isra ‘Mi’raj holiday will reach more than 100,000 people. In April, tickets are still 50 percent off. However, during the interview in the afternoon, he could not confirm the number of jumps in passengers. Usually the recapitulation is done in the afternoon. On weekdays or weekdays, the number of passengers reaches 70 thousand people per day.

Oh yeah, the trash at the station door was also in the spotlight. In the station area, trash bins are not provided because they can hinder the movement of passengers. In addition, it also aims to get passengers to not eat and drink on the MRT. If any trash is brought in, it should be stored and disposed of after leaving the station.

Mothers in these yellow vests from Lions Clubs International. They came to pick up trash around the station. Their action started with concern after seeing a viral photo of a pile of garbage at the entrance to the HI Roundabout Station.

Let’s take care of the MRT together. Keep it clean and don’t litter.

For videos, click on here.

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