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New Hobby: Overnight at the Airport

I have a new hobby since early 2020: staying at the airport, especially Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta. I’m the laziest to go to the airport in the dead of night when I have to catch an early morning flight, so I choose to stay overnight.

The first time I stayed was at the end of January 2020, when I returned to my hometown to Lombok from Jakarta. Incidentally my ticket at 06.00, so I decided to leave the night before from the boarding house.

The second time, I returned to stay at Terminal 3 on the night of July 24, 2020. My ticket is the next day, July 25 2020 at 11.00. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Garuda’s direct flight to Lombok is only once. I thought it would be a while for me to spend at the airport, but it didn’t.

I also deliberately stayed overnight because I had to have a rapid test first, so I wouldn’t hurry the next day, I chose a rapid test at night after arriving at the airport. It’s quiet and there aren’t many lines in line, so it’s delicious.

Terminal 3 is also very comfortable and there are lots of seats available, so passengers can freely choose to sleep anywhere. On some benches there are also sockets available so you can lie down while charging your cellphone. In addition, there is also a special cell phone case available.

God willing, my hobby will continue when I go home again, hahaha.

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