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National Library of Indonesia; The Coolest Building Must Visit in Jakarta

Libraries and bookstores have always been my favorite places. To me, such a place is one of the little paradises in this bustling world. I turn to the bookstore or library usually to find silence and serenity.

Just staring at the pile of books makes me calm and happy. It’s not an exaggeration if Jorge Luis Borges says that the library is a piece of heaven.

While in Jakarta, I visited the National Library several times. Since the first time I set foot, I have been falling in love with me.

The National Library is located on Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan and adjacent to City Hall, the Office of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province. Before entering the main building which has 24 floors, visitors can pass the first building in the front area. This building is a kind of exhibition space displaying photos of the activities of President Joko Widodo and other high-ranking state officials.

In addition, the old chronicles are displayed in a glass cabinet accompanied by a description of the contents of the chronicle written in Sanskrit script. There is also a digital exhibition room on the history of literacy and so on. Very cool.

I was even more flabbergasted when I entered the main building at the back. The 24-story building is quite magnificent. When entering the lobby, we will be greeted with a row of photos of the Indonesian Presidents ranging from Soekarno to Jokowi. In addition, there are also books by presidents or books about them that are displayed in glass cabinets.

The highlight of this lobby is the towering bookshelf. I was so mesmerized!

A tall shelf behind me that greets visitors as they enter the lobby

For those who wish to register as members, they can go directly to the second floor. But unfortunately the line is always busy here and as of this writing, I have not returned there to print cards. It’s just that, my name is already registered. At that time I was lazy to stand in line and the service would close soon so I skipped.

On the second floor there is also a bag storage room. For those going to the reading room, they have to leave their bags on the second floor first. The reading rooms are on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th floors, among others. I’ve only been to the 23rd and 24th floors. The reading room is really cool. The chairs and sofas available are very comfortable.

I haven’t had time to explore the corners of the reading room, so I can’t tell you much about his book collection. At that time I went to the books section about the history of the archipelago and found Babad Lombok. I was so excited. But unfortunately, the contents are in Old Javanese (if I’m not mistaken). So I don’t understand. But there is an introduction that tells the contents of the book.

Oh yes one more thing, in December 2017, after my coverage at Monas I went to National Library and at that time I met Sherina Munaf who came with her father, Triawan Munaf. How cool is the artist who took the time to visit the library.

Yogi (Jawa Pos journalist), Sherina, and me

Hopefully the magnificent building of our National Library is parallel with the high reading interest of the Indonesian people. Let’s go to the library.

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