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Mumbai hotels

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The feeling of horror after watching this film can still be felt even after leaving the studio. I imagined the terrorists who had casually slaughtered innocent people still roaming the streets, then sneaking into bus stops, and some of the ones on the bus I was riding in were preparing to carry out their brutal acts.

Hotel Mumbai is one of the best films I watched this 2019. The entire film is filled with suspense, gunfire, and horror. In only a few scenes the audience is given a chance to breathe for a moment, and even in the midst of the show of brutality a funny scene is inserted, even if only for a moment.

For most of the film, I cast forgiveness for these atrocities. How sad it is to see religion used as an excuse to slaughter innocent people.

How amazed I am, why humans can be so cruel, killing people carelessly, like killing mosquitoes.

The film opens with the scene of the terrorists crossing by rubber boat in Mumbai waters. From a beach, they then headed for the train station, where the first attack was.

Meanwhile, the staff of the Mumbai Taj Palace Hotel are preparing to welcome the Zahra family (Nazanin Boniadi) with David (Armie Hammer). Zahra is a Muslim who has an out of lock child with David and then gets married. David is an American.

After carrying out acts of terror at the train station, these perpetrators then continued their actions in a cafe and then entered the Taj Hotel. Here is where the most sadistic and longest acts of brutality.

Although taken from real events, Hotel Mumbai takes the point of view of the courage of the hotel staff, especially the head chef (Anupam Kher) who is so responsible for the safety of its guests. There is also a servant named Arjun (Dev Patel) who is a Sikh who tries to help the guests hide. These hotel workers think of guests like gods who must be served well.

I don’t want to write any longer for fear of spoilers, but the point of the film can open our eyes all that hatred towards different people should not be maintained because it is very dangerous. Those who carried out these acts of terror were young people of productive age. I am not sure that economic factors are the main reason for them to do this, but it is the result of indoctrination that they have a very radical understanding.

One of the scenes that stifled my chest was when one of the perpetrators, Imran called his father. His father sincerely prayed for the success of his son who he thought was attending training, even though his son was committing terror. Imran also cried and probably felt very guilty about the action he took. Imran was also promised an amount of money to be sent to his parents if he was willing to commit this heinous act.

After watching, I promised that I would love the people closest to me, be a person who is full of love and respect for others. Hopefully a similar incident will never happen again in any part of the world.

I also searched a lot for videos and literature about the terror acts that occurred in 2008. That year I was still in college and I didn’t really know about this incident. Maybe because online media has not developed rapidly as it is now.

I really love this film 10/10. Very cool. Must watch!

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