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Married or Unmarried

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One day I joked in front of my mother when I was asked when I got married. I replied, “Married or not married is a choice. And I may choose not to marry, let go and pray for whatever choice in my life later. Getting married is not a guarantee someone can live happily. Because in life, I only seek happiness.”

Immediately he was greeted, “Astaghfirullah. You can’t say that.”

Not only mothers, the average person who asks about marriage and I answer with the same answer will respond with a typical answer as my mother. I have sometimes deliberately answered that I would not get married if I got a question about marriage, I wanted to see the reaction of my own friends.

Then I felt this repressive condition when my mother said, “My happiness will be complete and my life will be calm when you are married.”

If my mother had said that, I certainly would not have been able to continue the debate about whether to marry or not to marry.

We will see later. If I get married, there are two possibilities.

Married because I have found the right man and I’ve been dreaming about it. Second, getting married for the sake of mother’s happiness.

For mother, I will do anything, including mortgaging my own independence.

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