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Just a Breath Away – Movie Review

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An earthquake hits the city of Paris. Not long after, suddenly waves of smoke that had come from nowhere swept across the city. No one can survive. Those who inhaled the smoke long enough would die. Bodies were scattered on the streets.

Those who can survive are those whose living quarters are high enough. An elderly couple who live in an apartment block with Mathieu and Anna are still alive because they live on the top floor.

Mathieu and Anna fled to their house. However, Anna and Mathieu left their son Sarah at their home. Sarah has a rare disease and lives in a capsule. He cannot get out of the capsule because the world outside the capsule is considered unsterile and could threaten his life.

The capsule also uses batteries and must be replaced if the power runs out soon. Sarah communicates with her parents via walkie talkies connected to the capsule.

Things got worse. The smoke was rising. Mathieu and Anna try to get out with Sarah. They also try to find a safety jacket for Sarah outside.

They also have to rely on oxygen and cannot stay outside for long. If oxygen runs out, their lives are threatened and they will die on the streets from smoke inhalation.

The experience of watching this film is to feel the tightness due to exposure to smoke. It’s dark all over the city and humans can only depend on oxygen. There are no rescue workers. Humans were left to die in vain.

For me, this film is a kind of satire that oxygen or clean air is a very vital factor for life. One day, if humans cannot breathe clean air, then war could potentially occur with the struggle for oxygen. Clean air may be capitalized in such a way.

This film also contains a message inviting humans to protect nature together. Do not be damaged because the losers are the humans themselves. And the destruction of nature threatens human existence.

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