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Taken by me from the 24th floor of the National Library of Indonesia

The streets of Jakarta are golden gates that lead you into the alleys of yourself and your soul. The deeper you go into it, the longer the path you follow, the wider you will find yourself.

Street corners, train cars, station entrances and exits, over pedestrian bridges, as well as all accessible and inaccessible places, are the veils we need to uncover in order to find all the vices of ourselves, then melt them down. So, purify your souls from all the self that has so far held up deeply.

Grand Indonesia, 27 January 2018. 14.13 PM

The former governor of Jakarta, Djarot Saiful Hidayat greeted his peoples in Tambora, West Jakarta. 12 Sept 2017

Walking away. Sunter, North Jakarta. 17 Sept 2017

Staring. 17 Sept 2017

Neo Soho Mall. 17 Sept 2017

Medan Merdeka Barat Street. 24 Sept 2017.

Gloomy. 29 Sept 2017

Rail. 16 Oct 2017

Soekarno Hatta International Airport. 23 Oct 2017

Plaza Indonesia. 1 Nov 2017

Hotel’s lobby. 4 Dec 2017
Shoes seller, G Bulding Tanah Abang Market. 29 Dec 2017
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