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Hysteria Meets Shah Rukh Khan (Trip Kuala Lumpur-Singapore Part 7)

My face’s saying the amazement, excitement and happiness

Even though this trip has been a long time, I still write it because for me this is the first experience of a trip abroad that must be immortalized in writing. Ha ha

In early June 2015, I first set foot in Singapore. Until now, it is still the first one because I have never been there again. Ha ha ha

I admire Singapore and Malaysia for one thing because of their really cool mass transportation system. That is very easy and of course cheap. At that time we were; Me and my friend Indri, stayed two nights at a hostel whose contents were mostly foreigners and filled with ‘fragrant’ foreigners. The name is Green Kiwi Hostel (now the name is Sleepy Kiwi Boutique Hostel) in the Bussorah Street area, Kampong Glam, Bugis. FYI, this hostel is very close to the famous Sultan Mosque.

Around Sultan Mosque

Sultan Mosque was under renovation at that time

At first we got a bed or bunk outside and mingled with men even though they were limited by the curtains. But finally we were asked to move to the women’s room and at that time we shared a room with Vietnamese people who came on vacation as a family. If I’m not mistaken there are six or seven bunk beds in the room.

We don’t talk much because they don’t speak English. Just a casual acquaintance.

Well, we got to Singapore in the afternoon. After arriving at the hostel, dropping stuff, cleaning and praying, Indri and I took a walk around the Bugis area looking for food. But at that time, as far as I remember, I didn’t eat and only bought souvenirs and then got lost for hours forgetting to go back to the hostel.

Night market.

Around Bugis Street

Miss Indri’s crossing the street.

The next morning we spent the whole day sightseeing. In the evening we plan where to go and Googling the MRT route by relying on very fast wifi. Even though the hostel isn’t too clean, the advantages are the wifi is really fast, the breakfast is delicious (bread, fruit, coffee or tea), the rates are also cheap.

Buy this card and you can use the MRT all day long.

Well, in the morning, from the hostel we walked to Bugis Station. Our initial goal to the Singapore Botanical Garden, entry is free. The place is very spacious, cool and cool.

In front of the Botanical Garden

Then continue to Sentosa Island with the main goal of Universal Studios. We got off at Vivo City Mall and went upstairs to line up for the cable car to Sentosa. The ticket price forgot.

Vivo City Mall

Universal Studio’s first stop. Here only stop by photos of the iconic globe. We didn’t go into the studio because it was expensive. Here we eat at the food court. At that time, I ate biryani rice and the portion was a lot of waste and it didn’t run out. Regret at that time not buying one portion for two.

Food court
Biryani Rice

At that time, I accidentally saw Madame Tussauds’ brochure and saw Shah Rukh Khan. So excited, it’s clear! At that time I said to Indri, “I have to go in here. Even though the pay is expensive. I am willing. It’s up to you to come or not.” Finally he came. We bought tickets and immediately took the cable car again to the place where the Madame Tussauds Museum is located. Just one stop from Universal Studio.

The lines were extraordinarily long. Before entering the location of the wax statues, we had to get on a boat and walk along the artificial river, which also has statues around it.

Park around the Madame Tussauds area

Poster near the escalator to the museum

Lady Gaga at the front near the museum entrance

Upon arrival, we will be greeted with statues of world figures such as Soekarno, Obama, Mahatma Ghandi, and the founding father of Singapore (if I’m not mistaken). And what I’ve been waiting for the most is the Bollywood artist section. In the Bollywood section I met Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, and Hritis Roshan. Where is my love, Shah Rukh Khan? Because I didn’t find it, I asked the officer.

Finally, I met and I felt like I wanted to be hysterical and very, very happy. Well even though it is just a statue, the important thing is that it is similar and can be hugged and held. It turns out that Shah Rukh Khan is in the section of world stars. Together with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Johnny Depp. He deserves it. You rock, my love!

My love ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

I’m satisfied with taking photos with Shah Rukh Khan, taking selfies. Touch him as much as he wants. There are also many Indians who are very happy to meet Shah Rukh Khan. Near Shah Rukh Khan, there is also Aishwarya Ray. Do not miss the photo of the most beautiful woman in the world.

It doesn’t feel like paying expensive losses of around Rp. 350 thousand. The important thing is to be happy to meet an idol, even though it’s a statue. This rate is cheaper than entering Universal Studio, which costs around Rp. 550 thousand. I don’t feel at all loss.

Madhuri Dixit but I think it looks like Tamara Blezinsky

Angie’s tattoo

I love you, Shah Rukh Khan ji. Till we meet again but I do hope could meet the real you. Xoxo

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