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Ruining this dessert. This is in a cafe near Sudirman Station.

One of my hobbies is culinary tourism. I like to try new foods or things that I’ve never tasted before. I eat everything (most importantly halal). I’m not a picky eater.

In this post, I want to upload some photos of the food I’ve tasted. There I have to queue up to 1.5 hours to get it. Ha ha.

I have a dream to travel around the world to hunt for books and food. Ha ha.

Rujak bebeg trader. I’ve always wanted to eat rujak bebeg and only arrived after I lived in Jakarta. This is my first time eating rujak bebeg. And at that time I met the seller at the busway stop at Central Park Mall.

This is another drink that really hits. September 2017 I went to Neo Soho just to buy King Mango and had to queue for 1.5 hours. The price is IDR 50 thousand. In my opinion, affordable if you look at the portion. Filling.

Again line up for King Mango. So it doesn’t take long for me to read a book. This was photographed by my aunt.

Ragusa ice cream. Alhamdulillah, the ice cream snacks were here. Delicious!

After Ragusa’s ice cream, taste juhi noodles for the first time. It’s next to the Ragusa Shop. Good too. I like.

Know gejrot

A salad and cut fruit maker on Jalan Kuningan Persada, in front of the KPK’s Red and White House. But now I don’t know why his brother never sells there again.

Very delicious. Matcha taste.

But it’s better with this original taste. Twenty want.
Was entertained by Cendol by the Head of the Purworejo Police when I DLK to several Polres in Central Java, October 2017. This oath is really good. Also treated to lunch with a typical Purworejo cuisine menu. Everything is delicious.

A typical Purwokerto soup. Delicious. But forgot the name. Lazy googling. Ha ha

This is the durian ice in the restaurant that provides the soup above. Masya Allah, this is delicious to be too high. Alhamdulillah.

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