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Dreams of India by Raghu Rai

Little things are enough to make me happy. One of them is getting a National Library membership card with a validity period of 10 years. My heart was very excited when I received the card from the officer a few weeks ago. Now I have access to free reading at the National Library.

One of the reading rooms that really interest me on the 20th floor. Why? Because there are books specifically in English and more specifically books with a background in a country. The bookshelf sections on this floor are divided by country names such as India, Iran, Pakistan, China, Japan, Europe and others.

When I visited this afternoon, Sunday, July 22 2018, I chose a book called Dreams of India by Raghu Rai. Why India? If you know me so well, you know that India is my dream destination since a long time ago.

This book is a photography book that contains cool photos taken by Raghu Rai, a famous photographer in India. Raghu’s photographic works have been published in international media such as Time and National Geographic.

Because this book was published, if I don’t forget, around the 1980s, so here is a photo of India about three decades ago. Raghu does not only portray India from a geographical point of view, but places more emphasis on Indian culture and activities. These photos were taken from Rajashtan, Mumbai, Kolkata, Leh, Kashmir, Amritsar, New Delhi and others.

One of the interesting photos is a photo of a child bride. Marriage of these children still took place in India decades ago, I don’t know now. This seems to me to be an indirect criticism of the Indian government that this kind of practice need not occur anymore.

The photo that also interests me is a portrait of social inequality in Mumbai. In this economic center city of India, the disparity between the rich and the poor is wide and visible. Under an apartment, there is a slum. What an irony and this is what Raghu photographed.

India is a complexity. But more than that, India is elegance, simplicity. Festivity and also serenity, a whole package. That’s why i am falling in love.

Hopefully one day we can go there. Aamiin.

I will read the other two books on my next visit.
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