Deciding the Most Important Thing in Life

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life? I once dared to make important decisions. LEAVE THE COMFORT ZONE.

I was so brave enough to take all the risks of my decision that I had very little idea of ​​what I would encounter in the future after my decision.

As long as I live, that’s probably the proudest thing about me. Cut off all conveniences and start a new life in a new place in a new city.

For a long time I have often heard that the important people who are now successful in their lives are people who dare to take risks and get out of their comfort zone. I also often hear that the comfort zone is a deadly place like a quote “Your comfort zone will kill you”.

The time came for me to decide. I have worked as a journalist at Suara NTB, a local newspaper which is a subsidiary of the Bali Post Group for 6.5 years. I started working on February 7, 2011.

There I learned many things. From me who can’t write to understand how to write good news. My knowledge, insight and experience increased after working as a journalist. In that place I found a new family and I consider it my second home because I really feel there every day and sometimes hang out until the night.

Five years working, I was appointed editor for the online news portal and still remains a journalist. For me this is proud because of course my performance is considered good.

Around August 2017, I thought of trying a new experience. I want to move and work in Jakarta. I wanted to experience what it was like to have coverage in the capital, to cover national events. Then I applied on one of the well-known online media.

At that time I didn’t expect much to be accepted because of course I had to compete with the children of the capital. I thought that if even after the test and interview I wasn’t accepted, it would be fine. I can tell how far I can go if I compete with the children of the capital. I can measure my abilities.

Unexpectedly, I was chosen from the thousands of people who registered. There comes a time for all the confusion because you have to choose and decide. That’s the hardest thing I’ve had. I don’t sleep soundly. I kept praying to Allah for guidance. I also did not forget to ask my dear mother’s opinion.

Ahead of the Idul Adha holiday at the end of August, I decided to resign from Suara NTB. At that time, no one thought I would come out that fast. It was very sudden because on 4 September 2017 I had to be in Jakarta and started working in a new place.

I hope that my decision is Allah blessed and my mother will give me the blessing so that it will continue to open my way forward. Life is not always easy and smooth, especially in a big city like Jakarta. But I was never afraid and worried because I gave everything to Allah.

I am proud of myself for having the courage to make important decisions in my life. It is one of my pride.

Citayam, 9 November 2017

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